Explore The Great Ocean Road is edited and managed by a former tour bus operator and guide and is aimed at helping visitors to the Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles plan accurate travel itineraries and get the most out of a holiday along the Victorian coast.

After a couple of hundred one and two-day trips down the Great Ocean Road, I know the area well and want to provide the best information possible to make your journey one that will create the memories of a lifetime.

For many people, the drive down the Ocean Road may be a once in a lifetime trip. Providing detailed itineraries with realistic times and information for visitors that have been accumulated over years of driving the famous tourist route is important.

Some of the tours that I operated for years were driven over one-day but the majority and best trips were over two days, staying in our own accommodation up in the Otways. It is recommended to spend at least two days on the OceanRoad, if possible, though you can still see the best of the region in a day by tour bus or following our one-day touring guide.

Jane Barnes

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