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Camping and Caravan Parks along the Great Ocean Road

Camping along the Ocean Road is a popular option for many people. From resort-style caravan parks with loads of amenities, powered sites, dump points and cabins to basic bush camping, there is something for everyone. Many campgrounds are by the beach and have access to some of the best swimming, fishing and surfing spots in Victoria. Other sites are up in the Otway Ranges, surrounded by tall forests and farmland.

The peak summer season and long weekends can prove difficult to find a spot in the more popular parks but Recreation Reserves are generally easier to get into. During the off-peak season it is usually always easy (and cheaper) to find a great spot to stay along the coast.

Free Camping along the Great Ocean Road

 This indicates a free camping spot. Conditions and regulations can change, please read any links that are attached. Only a few campsites are free along the Ocean Road.

Free campsites are listed below with all the other campgrounds along the Ocean Road. We also have a complete listing of the Free Camp Grounds.

Dog-Friendly Camp Grounds

Indicates dog-friendly camp grounds.

Some parks are dog-friendly but may not accept them during peak times, please always ask before booking a site.

Geelong Camping & Caravan Parks

Geelong Showgrounds: 79 Breakwater Road, East Geelong | Phone: (03)52211707 

Discovery Parks: 59 Barrabool Rd, Belmont | Phone(03) 5243 6225 | Check Prices and Book

Eldorado Tourist Park: 360 Ballarat Rd, Geelong  | Phone(03) 5276 1386 | Check Prices and Book

Riverglen Holiday Park: 75 Barrabool Rd, Belmont VIC 3216 Check Prices and Book

Geelong Surfcoast Hwy Holiday Park: 621 Surf Coast Hwy, Duneed | Phone(03) 5264 1243 | Check Prices and Book

Barwon River Holiday Park: 153 Barrabool Rd, Belmont | Phone 1800 657 955 | Check Prices and Book

Torquay to Lorne

Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park: 35 Bell St, Torquay | Phone (03) 5261 2496 | Check Prices and Book

Torquay Holiday Park: 55 Surf Coast Hwy, Torquay VIC 3228 | Phone (03) 5261 2493  | Check Prices and Book

Jan Juc Caravan Park: 93 Sunset Strip, Jan Juc VIC 3228 | Phone (03) 5261 2932  | 

Anglesea Family Caravan Park: 35 Cameron Rd, Anglesea VIC 3230 | Phone (03) 5295 1990  | Check Prices and Book

Anglesea Big 4: 45 Murray St, Anglesea VIC 3230 | Phone (03) 5263 1640  | Check Prices and Book

Aireys Inlet Holiday Park: 19-25 Great Ocean Rd, Aireys Inlet VIC 3231 | Phone (03) 5289 6230 | Dogs allowed during specific times.  | Check Prices and Book


Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park and Cabins: 2 Great Ocean Rd, Lorne VIC 3232 | Phone (03) 5289 1382 | Dogs allowed during specific dates  | Check Prices and Book

Allenvale Mill Bush Campground: The camping area is located just beyond the outskirts of Lorne off Allendale Road on the banks of St George River. This is a walk-in camping area, although it’s only a short walk to the campground (around 200 meters). No booking , no fees. Camping is on a first in, first-served basis. There are 16 campsites available. All campsites are unpowered and are suitable for tents only. Read More...

Sharps Camping Area: [/fusion_fontawesome] Located 3kms from Lorne, the campground is adjacent to Sharps Road. Four-wheel drive only access is possible past the campground.

No booking, no fees. Camping is on a first in, first-served basis. There are 6 campsites available accommodating up to six people per site. All campsites are unpowered. Half the sites are set aside for tents only; the other sites are suitable for tents, caravans or camper-trailers. Read More…

Cumberland River

Cumberland River Holiday Park:  2680 Great Ocean Rd, Cumberland River VIC 3232 | Phone (03) 5289 1790 | Check Prices & Book

Wye River to Skenes Creek

Wye River Road Camping Area:  Wye Rd, Separation Creek VIC 3221 | Phone 13 19 63

Wye River Road Camping Area is closed until further notice due to dangerous trees.It may no re-open again, according to Parks Victoria.

The three camping areas are approximately 4kms from the township and beaches of Wye River. No booking, no fees. Camping is on a first in, first served basis.

There are three camping areas with a total of 11 campsites available. Each campsite accommodates up to six people and one vehicle per site. All campsites are unpowered. The 5 campsites in Campground 1 are suitable for tents, caravans or camper-trailers; 3 campsites in Campground 2 are suitable for tents only with a further 2 campsites suitable for tents, caravans or camper-trailers; the 1 campsite in Campground 3 is suitable for tents only. Basic bush camping only is available in all three campgrounds. Read more…

 BIG4 Wye River Holiday Park & Cabins: 25 Great Ocean Rd, Wye River VIC 3221 | Phone  (03) 5289 0241  | Check Prices and Book

Kennett River Holiday Park & Cabins: Koala country! 1-13 Great Ocean Rd, Kennett River VIC 3234Phone (03) 5289 0272 | Check Prices & Book

Skenes Creek Beachfront Park: 2 Great Ocean Rd, Skenes Creek VIC 3233 | Phone (03) 5237 6132  | Check Prices and Book

Apollo Bay Camping & Caravan Parks

BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces Holiday Park: 311 Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233 | Phone (03) 5237 6749 | Check Prices and Book

Apollo Bay Holiday Park: 27 Cawood St, Apollo Bay VIC 3233 |  Phone (03) 5237 7111  | Check Prices and Book

Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve:  70 Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233 | Phone (03) 5237 6577 | Bookings

Marengo Holiday Park: Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233 |  Phone (03) 5237 6162 | Check Prices and Book

Cape Otway, Glen Aire, Johanna & Lavers Hill

Bimbi Park Camping and Caravan Park & Cabins:  90 Manna Gum Dr, Cape Otway  | Phone (03) 5237 9246 | Camp with Koalas | Horse Riding | Rock Climbing Wall  | Check Prices and Book

Parker Hill Camp Ground: Parker Hill Track, Cape Otway | Basic, beautiful bush camping, no power | Book with Parks Victoria | Phone 13 19 63

Blanket Bay Campground: Blanket Bay road, Cape Otway | Basic, beautiful bush camping, no power | Book with Parks Victoria | Phone 13 19 63

Aire River East Campground: Basic bush camping (we love this spot) | Hordenvale | Book with Parks Victoria | Phone 13 19 63

Johanna Beach: Red Johanna Rd, Johanna | Phone (03) 8427 2002 |  Book with Parks Victoria | Phone 13 19 63

Lavers Hill Caravan Park & Cabins:  57 Great Ocean Rd, Lavers Hill VIC 3238 | Phone (03) 5237 3251

Otways Camping & Caravan Parks

Aire Crossing Campsite:  Aire River Crossing Track Great Otway National Park, Johanna | Basic bush camping by the river, very limited spaces | Seasonal closures | More Information

Stevenson’s Falls Free Campground –   There is a free campground and a walk to the nearby falls with basic facilities and about 50 un-powered campsites –  the area can become very muddy after heavy rains. It is on a first come basis and does get crowded at peak times. Access is from the Colac-Skenes Creek Road near Barramunga.

Lake Elizabeth Campground: Great Otway National Park, Forrest | Basic camping in the forest. Lake Elizabeth is known for Platypus sightings and has mountain bike trails |  More information

Forrest Caravan Park/ The Wonky Stables Holiday Park: 1 Station St, Forrest VIC 3236 | Phone (03) 5236 627 | Bookings and more information

12 Apostles & Port Campbell National Park Area

Apostles Camping Park & Cabins:  32 Post Office Rd, Princetown | Phone (03) 5598 8119 | Operates seasonally | More information and Bookings

Princetown Recreation Reserve & Camping: 99 Old Coach Rd, Princetown | Phone 0429 985 176 | Quite basic, but close to fabulous beaches and walks to 12 Apostles | More information and Bookings

Port Campbell Holiday Park: 30 Morris St, Port Campbell |  Phone (03) 5598 6492 | More information and Bookings

Port Campbell Recreation Reserve: Desaily Street, Port Campbell  | Phone 0409 666 179 | More Information

Peterborough to Warrnambool

Great Ocean Road Tourist Park, Peterorough: Great Ocean Rd, Peterborough VIC 3270 | Phone (03) 5598 5477 |  Check Prices and Book

BIG4 Hopkins River Holiday Park, Warrnambool: 125 Jubilee Park Rd, Warrnambool | Phone (03) 5565 1327 |  Check Prices and Book

Surfside Holiday Park: 120 Pertobe Rd, Warrnambool | Phone (03) 5559 4700  | Check Prices and Book

Warrnambool Holiday Park and Motel: 100 Simpson St, Warrnambool  | Phone (03) 5562 5031  | Check Prices and Book

Big 4 Figtree Holiday Village: 33 Lava St, Warrnambool | Phone (03) 5561 1233  | Check Prices and Book

Discovery Parks:  25 Pertobe Rd, Warrnambool | Phone (03) 5561 1514  | Check Prices and Boo