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Day & Overnight Tours along the Great Ocean Road

A number of bus tour companies operate day and overnight trips along the coast. Choose a tour that returns to Melbourne or one that goes on to the Grampians or Adelaide.

Viator (a Trip Advisor Company) offers a huge range of tours, all run by reputable companies. From bus tours to surf lessons and even whole day motorbike/trike tours for up to two people.. how much fun would that be on a sunny day!

The Ocean Road drive is over 500 km’s return from Melbourne

The drive is via winding roads that hug the coast as well as inland over the Otway Ranges. It can be a tiring drive, even for people used to long distances. Think carefully about doing a self-drive trip in just one day.

  • Can you possibly extend the trip to 2-3 days?
  • For people with limited time, the safer option might be to join a tour group.

Helicopter Tours!

Well, this is one way to experience the Ocean Road in a day. Helicopter Tours operate out of Melbourne, offering a few different choices including a flight to the Twelve Apostles for lunch and then down to Phillip Island to see the Little Penguins come ashore.

Landing by the 12 Apostles so passengers can take in the most famous section of the Ocean Road and enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch – Proposals… Anniversaries… Just because you want to…

Bus Tours

Listed below are some of the best  Great Ocean Road Day Tour options offered by Viator,  one of the world’s best online travel agents and owned by Trip Advisor. We suggest using one of these small bus tour companies – fewer passengers and generally more time to see the sights. Read all the details of tours to decide which one suits best.

We definitely recommend spending more than one day visiting the Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles… but, if one day is all you have – Do it!

Great Ocean Road Small-Group  Eco Day Tour

Travel by comfortable mini-coach taking in Kennett River, Apollo Bay, Great Otway National Park, Port Campbell National Park, Gibson’s Steps, the Twelve Apostles and more. Enjoy frequent stops for views of stunning beaches and towering cliffs, plus walks to see koalas and other native wildlife. Small-group tour ensures a customized experience with your expert guide.

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Go West Great Ocean Road Tours

Reverse Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles Day Trip

Your day begins with an early morning departure over the Westgate Bridge on your way to the Great Ocean Road. The drive in the morning is slightly longer than other tours as it starts at the end of the Ocean Road, travelling back to the start to escape the crowds!

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Full-Day Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles Sunset Tour from Melbourne

Spend the day exploring the Great Ocean Road, and later enjoy the amazing views of one of the most famous and scenic coastal stretches in the world as the sun sets. Enjoy and take in the breathtaking coastline where every twist and turn introduces you to stretches of uninterrupted beaches, dramatic coastlines and the lush rainforest of the Otway Ranges. This is a day that will be etched in your memory forever as the scenery provides you with an amazing postcard backdrop for unforgettable photo opportunities.

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4 Day Tour Ocean Road Grampians Kangaroo Island

Two Day Great Ocean Road Tour

Our iconic Great Ocean Road two day bus tour depart s every Monday and Thursday, 11 months of the year, plus we add a Saturday departure for our summer season (early November until late April). We close for the month of August for our own bit of holidays to spice the year up – yeeeha!!!

Ride is a very small, proudly independent company set up to try and find a niche market for backpackers that want to do something a little different.

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3-Day Tour of the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians

Experience a true Australian adventure on a 3-day tour of the Great Ocean Road and Grampians National Park. Get back to the wild to see wildlife and a spectacular landscape of dormant volcanos, historic shipwrecks, massive cliffs, and more.

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3 Days – Melbourne to Adelaide – Ocean Road and the Grampian Mountains

The ultimate adventure for anyone heading to Adelaide with three full days of beaches, mountains, rainforest and wildlife. From sunsets at the beach to sunrises over high mountain ranges, this tour will take you on a journey deep into the heart of Victoria’s outback. An almost spiritual experience that will prepare you well for your journey to the ‘city of churches’ – Adelaide!

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Great Ocean Road Melb to Adelaide Tours

2-Day Camping and Surfing Great Ocean Road Trip from Melbourne

Enjoy a unique, fun, small group tour of between 10-15 people on this overnight Great Ocean Road tour from Melbourne, perfect for those up for an adventure. Your two guides will teach you to surf for a few hours, guide you through all the beautiful sites and have you listen to fun music before camping overnight in a Native American Teepee built by the beach! Your guides will take you to all the secret spots they know about to ensure you spot Kangaroos, Koalas and Australian native birds and before setting your sights upon the iconic Twelve Apostles!

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2 day surfing camping

Skydive over Great Ocean Road from up to 15000ft

Leap into the sky on your Great Ocean Road tandem skydiving adventure and surf the air currents above the surfing mecca of Bells Beach, marvelling at lush coastal bush and farmland as you freefall from up to 15,000 feet above the Victorian coastline!

Enjoy Scenic flight and Skydive from up to 15,000ft directly over the Great Ocean Road. Securely attached to your experienced tandem instructor, you will be guided through your entire skydive…

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ETGOR Skydive

Trike Tour for Two

“Take in the sights from your luxury Boom trike on the winding cliff tops as you travel the great road or there’s time to wander down to some of the beaches. Start at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road at Torquay and visit various locations including Winki Pop and Bell’s Beach before proceeding to Anglesea, Airey’s Inlet, Fairhaven, Lorne and Apollo Bay where you take a break before returning. You visit numerous lookouts and other locations – such as Erskine Falls”.

(Trike Tours do not go as far as the 12  Apostles. They generally go as far as Apollo Bay and then return along the coast again)

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Great Ocean Road Tours by Trike