Live Wire Park, Lorne

  • Live Wire Park, Lorne, Australia

Live Wire Park

Lorne is a great seaside town for a weekend escape and Live Wire Park is an added reason to head down along the coast. The completely ‘off-the-grid’ adventure park offers some unique experiences that are cleverly integrated into the forest and it’s loads of fun for everyone.

We recently ventured down to Lorne for the weekend with the main reason being to take the kids to Live Wire Park. What a success! The kids loved it and so did I.

The park is owned and managed by a local family and staffed with friendly locals who are all well trained, friendly and passionate about the surf coast region.

Shockwave Zip Coaster

The ‘Shockwave Zip Coaster’  is a totally different zipline experience to any other in the Otways – suspended in a hang gliding harness and sent off down the 525-metre run, it is great. Twisting and turning beneath the trees ropes course it is easy to think you will hit the gum trees on the bends. Rest assured, there is no chance of that.

Tree Canopy Walk

120 metres long, the canopy walk is wheelchair accessible and a fabulous vantage point for watching people climbing, jumping and zip lining on the  ‘super circuit’.

10 metres off the ground, the canopy walk is a series of suspended walkway amongst the blue gums of the Otways.

Super Circuit

This will challenge many people and has been really well thought out to provide a complex system of rope bridges, zip lines, tree climbing elements, a 10 m ‘Quickjump Bungee’ – if you are brave enough…. and what the creators have dubbed ‘ The Tarzan Swing’!

Climbers were laughing (along with the occasional shriek of excitement) as they moved from challenge to challenge, high up in the gum trees. Watching the action from ground level provides plenty of amusement!

Short Circuit

For the kids! The short circuit is a clever combination of obstacles that include suspended treetop trails and zip lining fun too. Children under 16 have to be supervised – so for the not-so-brave adults, use your kid/s as an excuse to test the waters and try out this course which still has some challenges too.


Set on the Erskine Falls Road, the ‘Live Wire’ adventure park is just a couple of minutes drive from Lorne.

180 Erskine Falls Road

Lorne, Victoria

Website: Live Wire Park



Live Wire Park Lorne - Trees course and the Shockwave Zip Coaster winding around below...

Trees course and the Shockwave Zip Coaster winding around below…

Live Wire Park, Lorne, Great Ocean Road - Shockwave Zip Coaster winding around below...

The Shockwave Zip Coaster looping around the tall trees and the landing pad below.

Live Wire Park Lorne - Looking up from the Tree Canopy Walk, high into the trees where people are negotiating the fabulous trees course.

Looking up from the Tree Canopy Walk, high into the trees where people are negotiating the fabulous Super Circuit.

Live Wire Park, Lorne - Each obstacle is unique and brings on a new challenge for climbers.

Each obstacle is unique and brings on a new challenge for climbers.

Live Wire Park in the Otway Ranges, Lorne. Tree climbing and zip lining courses.

The starting point of the Super Circuit… first climbing the wall then a choice of the Tarzan Swing, ‘ 10-metre quick jump bungee’ to the ground or continuing on the circuit through the huge trees.

Live wire Park, Lorne - Short Circuit Tree course for kids.

Younger adventurers are well catered for on the Short Circuit and they have plenty of obstacles to negotiate with a zip line and lots of fun to be had.

Live Wire Park, Lorne. Trees Adventure Park & Zip Lining.

All the trees are protected and constantly monitored for safety. Each platform poses a new challenge for climbers and the friendly staff are well trained and ready to assist if need be.

Live Wire Park Lorne - Shockwave Zip Coaster.

Our teenager having a blast down the Shock Wave Zip Coaster!

If you are planning a drive along the coast to visit the famous  Twelve Apostles, make time to visit Live Wire Park along the way. The kids will certainly enjoy the added experience.